Introducing the Most Durable and Most Portable Smoker, BBQ Grill and, Fire Pit that You Can Get

RealStealpits takes away both the pain of the huge price tag that comes with competing outdoor grills, and also eliminates the hassles regarding portability. And, as a bonus, this is the most durabmedium pitle grill you’ll ever own. It will last a lifetime!

Throughout my life, I have used nearly every type of grill out there. And each one had it’s faults. One thing that has remained constant across each one is the lack of portability, and the hassle of cleaning up after I’m done barbecuing. On top of that, I kept having to buy new grills because either they didn’t last or they didn’t deliver on the features that were important. Fed up, I decided to come up with my own solution.

The Real Steel Pit is so easy to setup you’ll be ready to start your fire immediately. And it’s that simple to assemble, set up, and get going.

Various Sizes to Choose From

We have sizes built for every purpose!

  • Mini-pit
  • Rockabilly Pit
  • Medium pit
  • Large pit
  • Large Smoker

No Hassles

Real Steel also eliminates the time consuming cleanup required after each use, and as a bonus it removes the back-breaking effort of actually using the equipment. There are only 3 parts. Each is durable and portable.

Customize Your Own

Take your Real Steel Pit to a tailgate party. It’s the perfect tool for the job. In fact, we can deliver it with your favorite team’s colors.

Don’t want to use charcoal? We offer propane accessories! We also offer 5 different models to meet your specific needs.

You will be amazed by the professional product quality from this surprisingly small and innovative rig. Using a Real Steel product is as straightforward as it gets.

Only the highest quality materials are used. Our products are 100% hand made and built to last forever. Each pit is unique and there is absolutely no manufacturing process designed to cheapen the product. We place care into each and every pit.

Not meant to be used as jack stands. But that’s your choice

We stand by our Real Steel Pits so much that we offer an unbeatable guarantee:

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